Former ‘Air Bud’ Cast Member Says He Was Sexually Assaulted by Stunt Dog

LOS ANGELES, Ca. – A former cast member from the 1997 sports comedy Air Bud has come forward with allegations that he was sexually assaulted by a stunt dog during filming of the blockbuster hit.

The shocking allegations surrounding Air Bud’s late stunt double, Buster, a cross-bred Golden Retriever, were made public last week when attorneys representing the former cast member filed a lawsuit in L.A. County Superior Court against Buster’s estate seeking more than $250 million in damages.

The plaintiff, referred to as “John Doe” in court filings, alleged that he had been summoned to Buster’s dressing room by a production assistant. There, the victim alleged, Buster, who was “out of costume and completely nude,” approached him, “wagging his tail in a manner consistent with aggressive male behavior.” Without hesitation, Buster allegedly shoved his nose into the victim’s crotch and began to “forcibly prod” his genitals all the while “sniffing vehemently.”

“The dog ignored pleas to stop and later acted like nothing happened,” the victim’s attorney, Lillie-May Barnes, told Real News Right Now. Mrs. Barnes said her client was compelled to come forward following a recent six-month involuntary hospitalization, the result of a “life-altering” mental breakdown he suffered while watching reruns of the popular Fox television series When Animals Attack!

A spokesperson for the late stunt dog’s estate denied the allegations, saying the Golden Retriever was physically incapable of performing the acts alleged by the plaintiff. “Buster had been neutered well before the filming of Air Bud and was, in fact, asexual,” the spokesperson explained, later suggesting the lawsuit was an attempt by a disgruntled actor to extort money from the estate. “By all accounts, Buster was a very good boy.”

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  1. I mean- I almost don’t even question this as a true case after the past year- it seems totally plausible someone could sue a dog for crotch sniffing that occurred 20+ years ago- right?

  2. This is the dumbest shit ever, not only 20 years later, but the audacity to call out a dog for this behavior. “Mr. John Dumbass Joe” is obviously desperate for money to support his drug addiction, what kind of Moron would sue a dog for humping him?
    Buster should have mouth fucked him, stupid ass money hungry Hollywood bitch

  3. Are you kidding me!!! A stunt dog assaulted a human, obviously this person is only out for one thing, MONEY!!! There is a handler at all times with the stunt dog! This is so ridiculous!!! Get real people!

  4. I can’t. The dog didn’t even jump his leg. And omg he was nude, how dare he be out of costume. What kind of nut job (see what I did there) can’t shoo a dog away and say no. Oh because it never happened. I wish I could be there if it goes to court. Imagine the judge, he’s like wait is this a script, oh it’s real, let me stop laughing sir.

  5. Do like the Bible,have the assaulted turn the other cheek(pun)and smell the ass of the dog and hump his leg.Their even.

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