Scientists Say Majority of Earth’s Wildlife Moving Toward More Sustainable Plant-Based Diet

WASHINGTON, D.C. – A staggering percentage of the world’s land mammals are abandoning the outdated and primitive practice of meat consumption in favor of a more sustainable vegetarian diet, according to a study conducted by the non-profit animal rights organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

“Animals have a sixth sense when it comes to detecting even the most minute changes in their physical environment and the ongoing climate crisis is no exception,” explained Barbie Fairchild, PETA’s lead researcher in East Africa. ” Fairchild told Real News Right Now that mammals on virtually every continent are becoming instinctively aware of the toll their feeding habits have taken on the planet. “The truth is the vast majority of these creatures live remarkably fulfilling lives as post-carnivorous vegetarians,” she added.

Despite such admirable strides by the animal kingdom, Fairchild and other animal rights activists blame nature historian Sir David Attenborough and the so-called “wildlife documentary industrial complex” for perpetuating a narrative that animals have no concept of right and wrong.

“Most animals want to be vegan but are simply unable to do so in a capitalist dominant society,” said Connor Wilkinson, founder and CEO of Friends of the Forest, a non-profit Quaker organization whose members swear an oath to defend California’s Redwood State Park “from enemies both natural and synthetic” while living amongst the trees and surviving on berries, roots, and rainwater.

“Very few, if any, of our North American carnivores are showing any desire whatsoever to embrace a plant-based diet,” Mr. Wilkinson conceded. Citing a 2016 report of wolves killing for sport, Wilkinson said he fears North America’s carnivores suffer from a moral deficiency brought on by the pressures of western imperialism. “A desire to slaughter their inferiors is something that quite frankly goes beyond instinct,” Wilkinson said, adding that his organization has ethically euthanized more than seven hundred “morally deficient” animals since its founding in March of this year.

R. Hobbus J.D.

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  1. This is funny and it ia fake news but people can belive this because as animals are being hunted by human being for their taste. so, people can easily trust this news.

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