Trump on Revamping the Military: We’re Bringing Back the Draft

COSTA MESA, Ca. – GOP presidential front-runner and billionaire entrepreneur Donald Trump on Thursday unveiled his plan to ‘make the military great again,’ saying he intends to reinstate the draft as part of a larger effort to bolster America’s armed forces. “We’re bringing back the draft, okay? We’re going to bring it back and were going to make America as strong as we were in the Sixties,” Trump declared while addressing supporters at the Pacific Amphitheater in Costa Mesa.

“I love the Sixties,” said Trump, continuing, “I was a very big supporter of the Vietnam war and, of course, the troops. No one supports the troops more than I do.” In addition to bringing back military conscription, Mr. Trump said that if elected, he will enact legislation that will guarantee citizenship to anyone who serves in the armed forces for a minimum of four years. “You have people coming into this country, coming over our borders, expecting a free ride. We’re not going to give it to them, folks. They’re going to have to earn their citizenship.”

Trump has repeatedly stated that he won’t rule out using nuclear weapons against the Islamic State. On Thursday he expanded on his claims, saying he would instruct the Pentagon to begin testing “man-portable” tactical nuclear weapons to be used by American soldiers on the battlefield. “We’re not going to have unquestionable military dominance if we’re seen as too weak to use these weapons against our enemies.”

Rather than use conventional means such as drone strikes or economic sanctions to respond to acts of terrorism or other forms of aggression against the United States, Trump vowed to exercise the nuclear option “extremely” liberally. “My feeling is we have these weapons and we’ve spent a great deal of money developing and improving them over the years; there’s absolutely no reason why we shouldn’t be using them.”

The former reality TV star accused President Obama of making the country less safe by employing tact and diplomacy when dealing with foreign leaders. “This guy’s the president of the United States and he’s bowing to the Chinese. They’re laughing in our faces, okay? They’re laughing in our faces and if we don’t do something about it, they’re going to surpass us militarily and economically and then we’re going to have a huge problem on our hands.”

Donald Trump kicked off the start of his California campaign on Thursday where he made a stop in Costa Mesa, a semi-rural farming community located in Orange County. The GOP presidential hopeful is scheduled to address California’s Republican convention on Friday.

R. Hobbus J.D.

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  1. He is going to get thousands more soldiers murdered but no one is paying attention to this. We have some real stupid people in America.

  2. Trump is not only dangerous, but downright stupid. As a veteran, I doubt he served one day in the US Armed Forces, and in case he has not noticed, our voluntary enlistment is working quite well. There are even veterans who have earned their citizenship by enlisting.

    The problem with Trump is that he is so out of touch with how the real world works, and his wealth and self entitlement get in his way. I pray he never becomes POTUS because he cares about nothing but himself.

  3. I served in the USAF 1951-1955. I was and remain proud of my service. I do not want to see my grandchildren drafted. We need a coalition of allies from the UK, France. Germany. Canada and Australia to guarantee the destruction of ISIS. ISIS wiil help, also because they are killing their own. Nuclear weapons, absolutely not.

  4. This clown used school deferments to duck the Vietnam Conflict. He should volunteer his sons and daughter to enter the military service first .. never will happen for Donnie and his family will never do public service for this country. They are and will always take advantage of this country. Show your taxes —
    Donnie the Clown!

  5. Its really irresponsible and down right immoral to spread misinformation like this, even if you think it is funny / satire. The fact is you are lying and trying to deceive people. Many bad things can be said about Trump or Hillary, so no need to lie.

    You are a piece of shit person.

  6. It’s nice to see intelligent people making comments. The people that are going to vote for Trump have no idea what he is capable of doing if he believes that Vietnam was great that just shows he is a f****** moron. And I believe that he will open the draft he will use nuclear weapons and he will turn the United States of America into a police state. The world should be afraid of him.

  7. Is this real? Or a spoof blog pretending to be news. Im honestly asking. Not attacking. I want real news not tmz or cnn. Please respond with source information on the obama third term story.

  8. I love you Donald! But I have a 20 yr. old son, my only son, please Mr President, don’t send my son to die!! I have supported you from day one! My son Vinny is all I have, his dad and I just lost our jobs at Mitsubishi Motors of America (TPP) they moved to Indonesia to build their cars (and send them back in to sell with no tariff.) Please don’t reinstate the draft. Please.

    your’s very trully, Rosemary Becker, 1009 n Beech st. Normal,Il. 61761

    we have suffered enough here in Illinois.

  9. M. Randall, Trump did say he wanted to reinstate the draft at a rally in South Carolina…. especially for Mexicans and other immigrants. I, for one, find no humor in hearing that from a draft dodger when My brother was in the Navy during Viet Nam. He has, repeatedly brought up using nuclear weapons and repeatedly refused to take that idea of the table. It’s really easy to find this information.

    1. He didn’t, actually. Research brings up nothing, and I’m certain that Trump making a comment in regards to forcing young Americans into the military would have exploded on every news source.

  10. I wonder if he knows how much better the Military became after scrapping the draft? When the military began making requirements of the people that enlisted they began getting top notch candidates with great education. I would not like to see the draft re-enacted.

    I would like to see a National program for 18 to 20 year olds that requires them to participate in some form of community service, education or job training, or the military; but that the individual be matched up with something s/he is suited for that will help them become a productive citizen.

  11. This is the only website that I can find these quotes. I watched the speech at Pacific Amphitheater in Costa Mesa, couldn’t find these remarks. Writer provides no sources. THIS IS JUST MADE UP TO FIT AN AGENDA. DON’T BE FOOLED!

  12. I was drafted in 1969. As a child, I had rheumatic fever that left me with a heart murmur. It made no difference to my draft board. In many ways, I’m glad I served, but I was fortunate to have been sent to Europe while so many of my friends were sent to Vietnam.

    The draft is a violation of the spirit of freedom. Only a privileged, self serving
    egomaniac, liked Donald Trump would think it is a good idea. If he wins this election, and he has his way, I suggest to Mr. Trump, draft your own children first.

    Why is it that so many hawks like Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Riley avoided service? Why is that the public listens to them? You really have to wonder if the American people are just plain stupid.

  13. Mr. Draft Dodger himself better back off from drafting our children to Nuclear combat and learn how to charm and negotiate with the enemy. Send his kids. They seem to be prepared for killing from all their insidious Trophy Hunting.

  14. In all honesty, how can anyone believe anything this article says? The only sources provided are simple claims of “he said this here”, and doing further research results in nothing. He never made these claims, and it would be very much appreciated if you’d quit using fear to your advantage.

  15. Great idea to bring back the draft. It was no big deal back in my day and why not? It would be so nice to see these liberals in boot camp. ‘Yes Sir’ , I am a dog. What do dogs do? They bark Sir. Then bark!

  16. I hope they don’t use the draft again it’s a outdated system you should have people in the military that what to be there not forced. Did we not learn anything from the 60s and 70s about it? It will divide r country not unite it! So

  17. I am a female vet I feel it is about time women were totally equal to men all persons age 18 to 40 would be required to serve 2 years in military service no exceptions If Muslim citizens and others want to be excluded they will be asked to forfeit citizenship and leave the country.. Young self centered adults need to be adults…Thin the herd

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