Parishioners Baffled as Pastor Joel Osteen Levitates on Stage During Sermon

HOUSTON, Tx. - More than 43,000 worshipers were in attendance at Lakewood Church Saturday evening when Joel Osteen, Lakewood’s Senior Pastor, reportedly levitated nearly ten feet above the stage following the conclusion of his sermon. “People were hysterical,” said Maya Rodriguez, who, like thousands of others in the Houston area, attends weekly services at the nondenominational megachurch.

Witnesses say roughly forty-five minutes into the 7 P.M. service, Pastor Osteen suddenly appeared disoriented before suffering a violent coughing fit. “His forehead and neck were just drenched in sweat,” said Colton Bradshaw, a Houston native, who was seated with his wife in the second row. The events that followed, according to Bradshaw and corroborated by more than a thousand other witnesses, left worshipers feeling perplexed and, in many cases, terrified.

Osteen reportedly fell to his knees on stage while clutching his chest. “We thought he was having a heart attack,” Bradshaw said. It was then that the charismatic pastor outstretched his arms, threw his head back, and violently arched his back. Dozens of cellphone videos taken by parishioners and uploaded to the popular media website YouTube show Pastor Osteen, seemingly in a trance-like state, rise from the stage. Screams and cries of disbelief from the congregation can be heard as Osteen levitates more than nine feet off the ground.

In one of the higher quality videos uploaded to YouTube by user TheChristianBlessing, Osteen can be seen hovering above the stage with his head slumped forward before, as one witness put it, “suddenly awakening.” As Pastor Osteen appears to hang with his arms outstretched in midair, he opens his mouth and, in a deep, commanding voice, says, “I am the Alpha and the Omega.” Then, his body drops “like a rag doll” to the ground where he remains motionless.

Colton Bradshaw’s wife, Karen, along with dozens of other worshipers, fainted during the ordeal and later required medical attention, but Bradshaw himself remained alert throughout the entire spectacle, which lasted less than four minutes. “When he spoke those words from the Book of Revelations,” Bradshaw later recalled, “It wasn’t his voice that spoke them. It was not Pastor Osteen speaking. The sound of that voice reverberated through the stadium. For as long as I live, I’ll never forget it.”

Paramedics arrived at Lakewood Church at 8:05 P.M. and treated Osteen on the scene. The pastor suffered a mild concussion brought by the nearly ten foot free fall to the stage floor but was otherwise unhurt, save for some minor bruising to his forehead. A spokesman for the megachurch told Fox 26 Houston that Mr. Osteen “has no memory of the events that occurred prior to regaining consciousness.”

Doctors and medical staff at the Texas Medical Center on Holcombe Boulevard in Houston were overwhelmed Saturday night as they treated approximately six hundred and fifty people, many of whom were in a state of shock after witnessing the event. Lakewood Church boasts one of the largest congregations in the United States and reaches an estimated 27 million people worldwide each week. In 1999, Joel Osteen replaced his father, John Osteen, who founded the church in 1959, as Senior Pastor.

R. Hobbus J.D.

Investigative Journalist

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  1. well, I read that HUNDREDS of people took video of olsteen floating in the air and declaring that he is the alpha and omega, yet no matter how hard I search, I can’t find even ONE picture of him doing this. why? did people look at their photo’s and video’s and notice that the steel wires were showing as they held him in the air? couldn’t he hire competent special effects people to do that job? or did he pay them too little? I call this just more bullshit from preacher feel good doctor of the I .

    1. Big Doubter, I agree with you. If this happened then why would they not want to show this, so we can see this. And then we can judge for ourselves. This is just another way of trying to bring sheep to his pulpit.

  2. this makes me think that it is through of what I heard about this man call Joel Osteen I cant call him a pastor he belongs to the devil worshipers he is a falls prophet he and lots. This does not happened to the disciples of JESUS.

  3. IF this doesn’t tell you that Joel Osteen is possessed with demons, I don’t know what to tell you. Levitating? Really? Call a PRIEST, this man is of the DEVIL…RUN RUN RUN From the Osteens!

  4. I enjoy every sermon of Joes Osteen’s and it gives me comfort in his faithful sermons. He is truly a devoted Pastor to his congregation and those of us who are watching and listening from afar. I am amaxed that the thousands of his congregation do not utter a sound but are so poerfectly quiet listening to his every word.

    This is truly a man of God who is blessed and gives us all a Holy message. I will be watching always to hear and listen to each of his sermons knowing God is guideing him always. Thank you Joel Osteen for bringing everyone who is devoted to Jesus such happiness and encouragement. My thanks for the time you give to serving God for our benefit. England Maria Kemp

  5. Evil spirits who enter a man can also do such things to deceive many. You see we have in our scriptures instructions how to test such things or spirits.

  6. Why wasn’t that strange occurrence within the Lakewood Church kept so long until today which is March the 14th? Alright since I read this e-article of the strange occurrence, it must be an example of the false signs and wonders that causes Pastor Joel Osteen to be levitated. It is one of the few demonic strategies to get the audience deceived into believing that was the supernatural manifestation from above when it was not revealed through the “Holy Helper” and which was not from God of Heaven and Earth. Thank you for e-posting this “religious grossness” and here are some biblical scriptures describing the last days of the Age of Grace - Jude 15-16, First John Chapter 4:1-3,6

  7. There is no video on youtube under the Christian Blessing. As a matter of fact, have not been able to find any video . send me the link, please

  8. It is amazing!I am studying the 4 Books of the Gospels in the Bible. Those things/miracles, signs and wonders that happened during the Life and times of Jesus Christ… Jesus said “These things you see me do, He said we would do and greater, not better than him, but more of during our lifetimes! In scripture,it also states that signs and wonders will b performed by us in these last days. The book of Hebrews talks about miracles happening in our life times as well. According to our faith, be it unto us… God Bless!

  9. Going into a trance like state (meditational) and levitating is very similar to the Hindu mystical experiences connected with Kundalini and is frequently alluded to in the New Age spiritual movement which adopts the Hindu practices of meditation and trance like states as a way of developing a divine consciousness that allows you to create the divinity within you. It is far from a western, Christian practice, but is very much of Eastern Hindu practices. These are enshrined within the Theosophical movement (Blavatsky) that formed the foundation of the New Age Spiritual movement, embodied in such individuals as DEEPAK CHAPRA, Doreen Virtue, Barbara D’Angelis, Wayne Dyer, and endorsed by Oprah Winfrey. Joel Osteen’s sermons on how thoughts create reality and his declarative “I AM” Mantras are consistent with the New Age focus on Law of Attraction and Hindu Mantras.

  10. I watch and LISTEN to his sermon every Sunday and he seem to always say something that I need to hear to make me a better person. The Bible states Jesus talking about a house divided can not stand when the Pharisees accused Jesus as working for the devil. Who are we to judge if Pastor Osteen levitated or not. We all will be judged by one who knows EVERYTHING about us. Read Matthew 7:1-6, then talk.
    To Pastor Osteen, thank you, God’s blessings to you! Keep on teaching God’s word and remember this, THIS BATTLE IS NOT YOURS, IT’S THE LORD’S.

  11. May God bless and keep Pastor Osteen in his ministry. He is a very blessed and has a wonderful message to all that are open minded and can understand what role God has put him into. May you continue Gods work and continue your ministry unscathed from the media you are blinded from the truth. Sincerely Russell Notaro a Roman Catholic.

  12. i feel sorry for those of you ,who listens,week by week and waste time, money for

    these cheater,circus maximus false ,predator of your pocket!! here is my advise if i may ; SPEND YOUR MONEY FOR YOUR KIDS,like for all those things, what they might be missing ! Love your GOD !do this whithout these mind maneypulators !!
    Finally ;you are all those week, unstable people ,who can be twisted by richness seeking ” godsend” .

  13. The fact that anyone on here is actually looking for a link to a video is cracking me up. Are they all morons or is that just how dumb the public is now days?

    I like the satire man, keep up the good work. i enjoy this site very much, and perhaps the idiots who post comments arguing with you the most

  14. I believe just from what I read, this was the Lord working thru Pastor Osteen to show he is alive God works in mysterious ways. Bless behis name.

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