Ex-Nazi Says White Nationalists ‘Not Exactly’ What Hitler Had in Mind

BARILOCHE, Ar. – A former Nazi attache living in Argentina under an assumed name says American white supremacists are “not exactly” what Adolf Hitler had in mind when he imagined a master race.

“This concept – this ideology – was about purity and superiority,” Dr. Heinrich Sanchez, who served as an attache to the German dictator from 1939 until 1945, told the Buenos Aires Herald. “There are certain characteristics and attributes that were taken into account when the concept of a master race was conceived. When you stop and consider the American white nationalist – it is an abhorrent contradiction and, frankly, an insult to [Hitler’s] legacy.”

Dr. Sanchez, who fled Germany in the spring of 1945 before going on to establish one of Argentina’s most prominent dental practices, told the Herald that he, like countless others, has followed the rise of white nationalism in the United States with morbid curiosity. “I’m overcome with revulsion when I watch television footage of those citizens embracing the Nazi ideology. I see dull, droopy eyes; disgusting brown hair without a hint of blonde; Neanderthal-like features; pockmarked skin; crooked teeth. It’s repulsive. It makes me want to vomit.”

The irony of it all isn’t lost on Dr. Sanchez. “If this was 1943, most of them would be among the first to – well, you know…” While Sanchez stopped short of finishing his thought, the ninety-six year-old former Nazi later said he believes “der Führer” is rolling in his grave. “Quite literally, this is the polar opposite of what we strived to achieve through eugenics,” Sanchez said of the American Nazi movement.

Reading from a Teleprompter on Monday, President Donald J. Trump – who sources say succumbed  to pressure on “many sides” – reluctantly denounced a large portion of his base, calling neo-Nazis and white supremacists “repugnant to everything that we hold dear as Americans.” His remarks came more than forty-eight hours after a twenty year-old white supremacist rammed his car into a crowd of protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia, killing one and severely injuring nineteen others.

R. Hobbus J.D.

Investigative Journalist

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  1. Funny. When this ancient nazi spoke of “dull, droopy eyes; disgusting brown hair without a hint of blonde; Neanderthal-like features; pockmarked skin;” . . . I thought he was describing Hitler!

  2. Article is inheritly wrong; Nazis did not discriminate nor got disgusted over brown hair or eyes. That is a myth formed from US propaganda during and after WW2.
    From Goebbels to Hitler himself there were nazis without blonde hair, not to even mention many individuals with brown eyes.

    So I’m not saying that this article is all made up, but I am saying that the fellow they interviewed was most definitely not even in Germany during or before the Nazi reign. He was most likely from the US, born and raised. I came to this conclusion from the fact that in no other country there was propaganda about blond hair or blue eyes.

    Well, anyhow what do I know. Well, other than that my great-grandfather served in SS, and had dark-brown eyes and black hair.

  3. I’m not at all familiar with this news outlet, so please forgive me for having to ask, but is this satire? If actually written in earnest, then this is downright pathetic. What was the point even supposed to be? That a former NSDAP member doesn’t like American right wing extremists because of reasons that exist outside of the actual tenets of National Socialism? What relevent consequence does that reveal?
    As has been previously stated by other commenters, the idea that Nazis discriminated against white people who were not blonde/blue is false, and the idea that they would have actually been in danger of being killed for their brown hair or “pock marks” is absolutely laughable to anyone with even the most cursory historical knowledge on Nazi Germany. It instantly makes me think that even if this supposed interview actually took place, (I’m sure that it is in fact only the ego-stroking daydream of this hilariously pretentious author) then our esteemed “Dr. Sanchez” is full of so much proverbial shit that his own eyes are, ironically, brown.
    Even if the reader is able to turn off enough brain cells to be capable of suspending disbelief, what does this prove? That white nationalists are not the modern incarnation of Nazis, as the American political left loves to constantly assert? Inferring the author’s own politcal bent from the bow tie, smug expression, and generally unkempt appearance, I think it is safe to say raising that point was not his intention. Keep your day job Hobbus, because you will never pay off that student loan debt like this.

  4. Fyeww… just finished browsing some of R. Hobbus’ other articles on this website, and I realized, without a doubt, that this IS satire… My faith in humanity has been restored.

  5. When I was 7 years old I saw Adolf Hitler welcoming speech to the Czechs in Hradcany castle. He talk that in 3 Reich Czechs, who are not Jews will be German citizens. Reinhard Heydrich was a big friend of those Czechs who worked in factories making guns for defeating Communism. He said: Czechs who works for victory of Reichsregierung deserves the same like Germans. Also Hitler made offer to young Czech to gain citizenship of Deutschland if they will fight on East Front /not West front/ against Soviet Union. General Patton said abut Germans and Government of USA: we are fighting wrong enemy. Later he was murdered by OSA. Future CIA on order of president, because it was clear that Patton will be next president. Thanks to my connectin to the Boss of Galaxies I can see future. I probably, thanks to Boss will live to 100, now going 89 I still drive motorcycle.

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