Obama To Issue Executive Order Extending Presidential Term Limits

WASHINGTON, D.C. - President Barack Obama will exercise his presidential powers this week when he signs an executive order directing the Supreme Court to indefinitely suspend the 22nd Amendment. Coming on the heels of the Conservative Political Action Conference held at Maryland’s National Harbor, President Obama announced his decision to temporarily end presidential term limits, saying, “I’m not seeing any potential presidential candidates on either side of the aisle who are capable of carrying out the task of running the country.”

Citing “poor performance” on the part of a Republican-controlled congress, the struggling economy, and the continuing situation with ISIS, Obama said he feels “obligated” to continue his term in order to steer the country away from crisis “just like Roosevelt.”

“This is not something out of the ordinary,” says political analyst Elliot Stabler. “We already have several states with no gubernatorial term limits. Connecticut, Idaho, Massachusetts, Washington, Vermont, New York, just to name a few. In fact Michael Bloomberg repealed term limits in order to run for a third time as New York City mayor.”

In addition Mr. Obama has ordered the National Guard to remain on standby in the months leading up to and during his third term. He will issue a second executive order authorizing the Department of Justice to temporarily suspend Habeas Corpus in the event a state of emergency is declared due to opposition to his decision to continue the presidency.

The Twenty-second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution was ratified on February 27th, 1951 and sets a limit of two four-year terms for the office of the President of the United States. Since ratification there have been several unsuccessful attempts to repeal the 22nd Amendment. Most recently Democratic congressman Barney Frank and Senator Harry Reid introduced legislation to repeal presidential term limits. Republican Senator Mitch McConnell has sought to pass similar legislation. All three congressmen support Obama’s decision to take on another term, which begins January 20th, 2017.

R. Hobbus J.D.

Investigative Journalist

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  1. I don’t think so why change it. u ain’t made no big progress in 8 yrs the poor still poor the rich still rich. Kids still starving n dying everyday, cops getting worst an worst. Your tryna fight war n fix another country when Ares is completely broken .. Don’t try to out smart the judicial courts n start getting greedy u had more then a fair share of presidency sit back n let the next try

    1. Iay, while I agree with you that Obama has had plenty of time, you complete and utter lack of a grasp of spelling and grammar is appalling.

      1. GrammarQueen… I am sure you meant “your” and not “you” in the above statement. However, since you called someone else out, I had to point out YOUR,”complete and utter lack of a grasp of spelling.”

      2. Wow because your just perfect right. What kind of ahole are you? It is people like you that people don’t want to give a just opinion. How about befor you start insulting someone you try to learn some manners.

        1. I agree Jay ….Why do people cut others down so much when we speak ..I Already know i too have bad grammar…So Jay thank You for sticking up for others ..dang was this a grammar contest or comment on obutma…I for sure rather him Plz step down dont do the USA more harm…Respect and Manners go along way ….

      3. Get out of your glass house before you throw stones. “You complete and utter….” would make much more sense as “Your complete…..”

      4. Technically, you are right. Although anyone who reads this trash, and actually believes it is a complete and utter retard. I know a kid with down syndrome who loves across my block who might be smarter then everyone here who believes this article.

      5. Check your own statement before jumping on someone else. Your’s is incorrect. YOUR instead of YOU. Reread BEFORE you hit the enter key.

      6. GrammerQueen, you grammar is not too good you self. Why don’t you speak to the issue and not bother people with trivial grammar correction. Especially when you make the same errors in you own grammar. You a hypocrite.

      7. who cares about spelling……..shut your mouth who made you the standard to abide by. you are a joke. find something to do with your life that matters. people like you are whats wrong with this country….you are great at playing the simon says game but cant think for yourself..your a dope !!!! go win a spelling b some where
        so you can feel important…..

      8. you complete and utter lack…guess you are the one that can’t spell..why would you want to say such a thing anyway..we can all understand what he said..so go read a book and leave good people alone…crazy

      9. It’s called laid back don’t give a shit typing,he got his point across and all you could see was the bad grammar.

      10. Oh, my. Did you read your comment before you publicly embarrassed yourself?
        You have the wrong pen name…

      11. GrammarQueen,

        Please proof YOUR own comment before criticizing someone else’s. I would’ve rather read his comment 10 times over than read yours once. Why do we all have such a willingness to jump and judge others for the same faults we possess?

    2. I don’t understand how you criticise him about having to retake on another term and having done anything big. Anybody who wants to be rich is going to do so by his own will and work not by not doing nothing and sitting on his behind. If there are people without money it’s not his job. If u want it to where everybody has the same amount every week, try moving to a communist country and see how they work to have food. Unlike most people in the urban areas and even people who think like you in the U.S. who think that everything should be given to them for free.

      1. It’s not the presidents job to help people with no money? Did you really say that? The president has nothing to do with improving economy? Creating jobs? Helping those who can’t help themselves? What the heck is his job then?

      2. I agree, its not the presidents job. His job is this “The executive branch is the part of the government that has its authority and responsibility for the daily administration of the state. The executive branch executes, or enforces the law. The division of power into separate branches of government is central to the idea of the separation of powers.” It is not his duty to make law, that is the duty of congress. I’m not here to give you a lesson in Government Politics. That your job as an American citizen, to learn so that you would not be ignorant to how the government operates; in hopes that with all citizens being informed on these matters that we would have a government that operates the way it was created to.

      3. Hey a hole most people in urban don’t want everything for free even though they built this f n country, they ask for a fair chance from a bunch of lazy ass cheats who stulolebthis f n country in the first f n place butt you wipe.

    3. I hope his does go to Jail. Obama did more unconstitutional actions then any other President that we had. He don’t deserve to be our President he deserved behind bars.

      1. Which unconstitutional actions are you speaking of? Nothing has been proven in the Supreme Court! Just because republicans say so, does not make it so. This is the Foxanization of the populace that believes in their bullshit!

      2. I agree, being able to hold American citizens in prison indefinitely with out trial because they are deemed a “terrorist” by the government standards, is absolutely unconstitutional!

      3. You have got to be kidding. First off this article is utter bullshit. Second, at least isn’t a war criminal like Bush and Cheney

      4. Find out the truth about the executive orders he hasn’t signed near what most Presidents have signed ,find the truth for yourself instead of being lazy and just listening to these hater stations. Grow the f up,that’s why this country is so full of hate, people like you.

      5. The ignorance of liberals astounds me. Like the saying goes, you can’t fix stupid. WMD? Yeah lastI heard they found a few stockpiles of them. The CIA worked with an Iraqi who directed them to them. There goes your narative, but the bigger question is why don’t you know this? Obama is borderline unconstitutional in his actions but they are criminal and could be construed as treason. The question I think all of us that see Obama for exactly who he is, is why the rest of American can’t put 2 and 2 together? Why can’t you see that he is destroying this country? I am not going to sit here and point out the many many things Obama has done that hurt America because if you can’t see them by now you never will. Cognitive dissonance would be what half of America is suffering from and maybe, just maybe when it comes and smacks them upside the head they will realize what we were all saying but I won’t hold my breath.

    4. Jay, ( a-hole ) friend.
      Randy, the name of the person she was communicating with used a lower case for their name.
      GrammarQueen, tHeiy’ll never understand the responsibility of a grammar nazi. Hang in ther peaches, Your’ll get ur arspect someday.

      All in fun friends, keep it light.

    5. You must not know very much about our country!!! Im so sick and tired of everyone bad mouthing the police!! None of us know what police officers go through to bash them and what they do!! I agree that his terms are up, but it’s not about letting another person “try” this isn’t a video game!!! I hate seeing ignorant people trying to make comments on what they know nothing about. I don’t fully agree with our legal system by any means, but it doesn’t start at the “police level” they are just doing their jobs.

      1. “Just doing their job” ?????????? Really are you so ignorant you over look the fact that Nazi party members, that were put on trial for war crimes…..were “just doing their job” it was an unacceptable answer for them. Then why is it acceptable in the country of what is supposed to be a world leader and role model?
        And to think, you honestly believe you’re smarter than other people!!! LHH

    6. Ok people we have to stick together here ,its not about one persons spelling or proper grammar.It is about the communist trying to destroy our once great country.I have been saying all along o will never leave the wh martial law is right around the corner and there is nothing left to protect us,we the people either fight or roll over and accept that our freedom is given away and become slaves to the state!good by America hello ostupid villa and dicktaker obama as our stupid commander and theif

    7. This article is full of shit. The President does not have the power to order the Supreme Court to do that. Only Congress has the power to change the constitution. Presidents can declare Martial law, though, and disband the Court and Congress. There lies the true danger.

      1. If congress is the only body that can alter or ” change ” our constitution then what the f**k just happened when the supreme court ordered all 50 states to allow same sex marriage? I agree that congress is the only body that can make these changes, every aspect needs a vote by the people, but they just did what they should not be able to do? This country is in a downward spiral and a revolution will be at hand if they continue perverting the constitution.

      2. @ Sthrnmetal, you asked “If congress is the only body that can alter or ” change ” our constitution then what the f**k just happened when the supreme court ordered all 50 states to allow same sex marriage?” If you read the Supreme Court’s decision, you would understand that the Supreme Court did not alter or change the Constitution. It provided a ruling on allowing same-sex marriage in all 50 states based on the 14th Amendment to the Constitution.

      3. you are correct friend, and I will raise you one. The Supreme Court does not have the Authority to Change the Constitution either. It requires a 2/3 vote in both houses and needs ratified by 2/3 of the states. That is why changes are so rare. I think the whole article was just a bogus hoax to see how many people they could get riled.

    8. He wasnt a president to begain with and he wants to to just let it go and let him with another term i dont thank so he hed run this country into the ground so personaly it not going to happen. IT WILL BE A REVALUTION:

      1. Well, you are obviously a product of charter schools since you can’t spell and your grammar is awful. And let’s add in your lack of understanding how the governments works. The Supreme Court cannot change the constitution they only can rule on lawsuits that are brought before them. Only the congress can institute a change to the constitution. And once they approve that, it has to go to the states to be ratified.
        Please, do some googling before you embarrass yourself in public.
        And despite your desire, he was elected twice. And is the President. Get over it. We had to suffer under 8 years of George Bush. You get to suffer under 8 years of Obama. Life goes on. L

      1. its coming. If everyone in Washington rolls over for him then our goose is cooked.How can you compare the Bushs with Obama..Theres a big difference in going to Iraq and taking away our rights,and making friends with Iran. Do you realize what is going to happen if that goes threw. Do you think Iran can be trusted. They hate us as much as Isreal. God help us all

    9. well we will see its july 6th and nothing has come of this yet I say proof will be in the announcement seems by now it would have happened and we would have no need of all these that have signed up to run for the elections of new President !!!!

    1. Technically, you are right. Although anyone who reads this trash, and actually believes it is a complete and utter retard. I know a kid with down syndrome who loves across my block who might be smarter then everyone here who believes this article.

    2. I spoke of this 5yrs ago. I didn’t push the idea then because I really didn’t think the general public would be so blind and ignorant to vote him back in office a second time. Shows you how stupid I can be. I can’t possibly imagine him being put in office another time. It’s going to be extremely hard for a next president to right all the wrongs Obiteme has perpetrated on the American public.

  2. Quietly gather
    Populate throughout
    Divert attention
    Almost asleep, now. Shhhh…
    Date, time, exact moment chosen
    Infrastructure first
    Lines of communication
    Every cell tower
    Every power plant
    Inability to organize is their weakness now
    Plunge them into befuddled chaos
    No news broadcasts
    Let them speculate
    Blow the bridges, all roads
    No food deliveries
    No gasoline deliveries
    Even generators fall silent
    Nationwide food spoilage
    No help, no escape, just isolation
    We’ll take them one town at a time, one city at a time.
    They’re lazy, spoiled, fat, tolerent, weak
    Reveal…tick, tick, tick…
    (I wrote that years ago, sent it to every branch of the military, the FBI, CIA. Got no response; I wasn’t expecting any.) Copy & paste, if you desire. If this is true , BHO’s seeking a third or unlimited term, he is already preparing for the resistance. That’s why he’s depleted our military of patriotic high-ranking officials for refusing to fire upon American citizens. That’s why he erased our borders - to make it easier for illegals to become a financial burden and allow ISIS to enter unencumbered. People who called him ‘incompetent’ underestimated the depth of his cleverness nor did they recognize his determination to destroy America. The time for the next American Revolution is…now.

    1. So true in a lot of ways, Americans have giving our government total control! And i mean the fact that all these people rely on assistance and would rather collect free $$ well it comes with a price and a consequence. Now don’t get crazy on me yet, see they wan’t weak sheep that can’t fend for there selves! Are children lack discipline, they lack work ethic, the things that built this country! A lot could not make it without that free $$, as well as I bet 70 % without power for grocery stores and refrigeration. Gardening and hunting and fishing such as human survival are out of the ?? most can’t even cook! It is no different than government liberal media pushing racism, see the more they divide the people the stronger they become!! I feel sorry for the future generations of this country, my life is over half way over and it hurts me to see what we are becoming! So many people spilled there blood for this land and a purpose that is depleting everyday. Are boarders are a joke, and this is after 9/11 that is inexcusable! We are paying China 500 million a month in interest on are loan! Thank god for the NRA if I can say that anymore and I don’t mean NRA I mean GOD! Are country wants the guns out of your hands and by making convicted felons and B.S. media. I have said over and over watch out for the smoke screen effect, smart people keep there enemies close, divert attention. Take a look the past 15 or more years every time there has been a ? of a political official all the way to the Clinton sex scandal a U.S. embassy has been bombed or something like 9/11 !! The day Obama closed the Federal government and said veterans could not visit there memorials and closed parks this same man let 60,000 people gather at a Federal monument which most were illegal aliens to protest our border policies! Don’t speak out of haste and bicker about spelling, try to help your fellow American see the problems along with you. Then we can try to remedy them and return this Country of AMERICA the U.S.A. to it’s greatness of people that never took freedom for free. Patriotism, Liberty, Honor, Morals, Sacrifice, Pride, or maybe I am just Hoping. GODBLESS

    2. This is going to be our destiny, because people have it too easy. “The government will take care of us”. That’s what the Germans thought before WWII. They may not have wanted war, but their phony leader took them there and proceeded to kill anyone who disagreed with him (Hitler). You think this can’t possibly happen to this country? Think again, it’s already in the works, a 3rd term for Obastard will seal the deal. I can’t understand many liberal people and their points-of-view. They have been blinded by dumb giveaways. Trust me, they’ll get theirs when the time comes and they don’t fight for their freedom. And this is what I think about anyone who thinks Obama is a gift. “Nuff said.

  3. Really people!!!!! This is a fake article. “Reporter Elliot Stabler”….. i guess nobody commenting on here has ever seen the NBC series Law & Order SVU. who featured a detective with the name…….you guessed it…..Elliot Stabler!

  4. Maybe you dopes should worry less about grammar and focus on bogus stories that suck you in and make you look stupid.

  5. April Fools! This reminds me of articles from The Onion. 🙂

    Anyone who believes this article misunderstands what executive orders are and what their intended function is. Executive orders direct Federal agencies to carry out statutes and regulations in a specific manner. Every president issues executive orders on a variety of topics and most executive orders are so boring and ordinary that no one in the media or general public pays any attention to them. Some executive orders just reverse some of the previous president’s executive orders.

    Relax and spend your energy on organizing for 2016. Vote!

    1. Quoting Eliot Stabler was my clue this article is bogus. I loved Chris Meloni on Law and Order SVU, but his fictional character is not a political expert. Yet. LOL

  6. Why are you all picking on the President why not the Republican Congress? Let’s call a spade a spade. Bigots, hateful people as Bill Cummingham would say let’s put the cheese on the cracker. If the republicans would work with him instead against him just because he is black he could and would get a lot more done. He is not the President who created all these problems but sure hell Is doing a good job cleaning up other people’s mess. Be honest with yourselves and give credit when credit is do. Instead of sitting back complaining and criticizing look at yourselves and ask what are you doing or have done for your country. Then compare what you have done verses what he has done. Now go somewhere, shut-up and sit down.

    1. It isn’t because he is black (which he isn’t!). It’s because he is a traitor and a liar…even worse than republicans. Obama needs to be put in front of a firing squad for his treasonous actions

      1. What does it mean for someone to be “black” then? Both parents need to be “black?” But what makes the parents “black?” Racism exists but race actually doesn’t. The legal definition used to depend on the state, but anyway, most people consider Obama “black” because he has a “white” mother and “black” father.

        As far as treason is concerned, what specific law has he broken and what evidence do you have that he has broken that law? Instead of charging him with treason because you don’t like him or his policies, why don’t you work to support candidates and activists who oppose him? Do you really want to live in a country where elected officials are killed by people who disagree with them?

      2. To Eric below me:

        He is black because him being black benefits the media’s agenda.

        Look at Zimmerman. The media couldn’t stand to leave the “white” part out of “white Hispanic.” Just calling him Hispanic would do nothing to push the agenda.

        The media picks the race they want to push so that they can influence the opinions of those that are not educated.

    2. Finally, a voice of reason! I find it extremely disturbing that so many people are buying into this ridiculous “article.”

    3. Sure, lets call a spade a spade…Barry is only 25% black…the rest is white and arab. So which race should one direct his bigotry toward? If this is what you call cleaning up a mess, Then i’d rather have dirty socks all over my bathroom floor. This article is a farce to misinform the low educated voters so they go out and make a fool of themselves spreading around the bull.

    4. He is a traitorous P.O.S. ! Anti-American He is not doing these things because he is black ! he hasnt helped a single black person yet ! he is doing them because he is a filthy stinking muzzrat ! I LOVE MY COUNTRY ,I HATE THAT BASTARD ! . GET OUT OBAMA ! . TAKE YOUR FELLOW ILLEGALS WITH YOU !.,

    5. It will take 20 years to undo the damage done by Bush1, Clinton, Bush2, and Obama. Different parties…same agenda….divide and conquer and usher in the NWO.

    6. You are the part of the problem. That man has done nothing but set this country back. It So many ways. The only reason there isnt more done about it is because he is black. Im not racist by any means. But thats the truth. No way he will get a 3rd term. Sum 80 million Americans hate him. If 1% of them are willing to stand up and fight he is done. Im guessing once any force that big starts going after him more will follow. The Army, marines, navy, air force barely have those numbers as a whole. Some of the 80 million that hate him are apart of the military. And shame you for saying he done more for this country than anyone. He is hands down the worst President the U.S. has ever had. He,has single handly ruined it for anyone but rich white men to be elected. Its aweful. His record of his shitty actions speak louder than anything else he has done. Millions more Americans are on welfare and food stamps since his terms. The unemployment rate has increased by more than 5% since his second term. He isnt helping anyone. He is hurting the people, and he is acting like a dictator. I personally think someone will shoot him if he manages to get this done way before he can be sworn into office. Why else would he be worried enough to have the national gaurd on stand by? Anyways, i was going to stay out of the comments, but i read yours and decided you were very miss informed about the president.

    1. He’s cleaning up what?
      Is he fixing the National debt?
      How about foreign policy? It is wrong of him to bow to a foreign leader.
      I don’t have all of the specifics, but I do know this list of counter points can be made very extensive.
      I’m frightened and surprised there are still fools who believe the presidents(lower case intentional) interests are aligned with the United States best interest.
      The agenda I see from the peoples limited view point is not just a distribution of wealth among the citizens of the US economy, but a complete distribution bleeding out from here to the entire globe, or those who he sees fit.
      No conspiracy theory here, just observation. Its about all that makes sense now.
      How do all of our debtors collect on what we can’t pay?
      How weak do we really want our military?
      Is this really a world where lowering our defenses is a good idea? Ask Putin.

      As far as this being a bogus story, I actually expected to hear of a new hot war around the next election in which the president doesn’t have to give up his seat during war-time conflict.

      Bring the hate, but pay attention to the enemy and I’ll still watch your back.

  7. Man, some of you people are super ignorant. You say what he hasn’t done as if you have been any better.
    1) he ordered seal team six to take out Osama…through all the time bush was in the seat, he couldn’t even do that.
    2) you say he hadn’t fixed out economy? Well bush left the country in shit, since then he’s increased our economy and bought up our countries GDP.
    3) he cut our economic deficits by two thirds
    4) gave our military a raise after bushes actually decreased our pay. And the military hasn’t gotten a raise since the 90s.
    5) since he took office, he raised the unemployment rates and created over 5 millions jobs according to the IMF.
    6) and even though so many ignorant people want to hate Obama for reforming our healthcare system, it was something that was needed. Every country around the world has a free healthcare system and free education. The difference is that those countries pay higher taxes for those. Our new healthcare system allows us to pay no more then 200 bucks a month. Or you can pay less depending on what kinds of healthcare you prefer. This health care system is great because this time around were not paying a shitload of money for healthcare from a system that treated us like crap, this time, all the healthcare facilities have to fight to get us and they are fighting to give us the best because we now own the system as it should be. Because all this ame to be, most people were paying more then 200 month for bullshit health insurance that wasn’t even that great.
    7)he enables women to get equal pay when before his precedence, there was no other precedent who fought for that equality.
    8) he’s enabling minimum wage worker to have atleast 1 weeks payed vacation when that’s something that should be given and taken care as a society. But before he ever took that position, no one ever considered giving a burgerking employee a payed sick leave.

    There’s a lot to be said about what he’s done. I am not saying he’s perfect but he’s doing more than what most precedents have done or willing to do. People need to open their eyes and analyze whAt he’s been doing instead of being so easily manipulated by the media.
    It’s not an easy job being a president that has to fix a shithole that the previous left but he’s done a lot.

    1. Sorry, Clinton left the economy like that. Everybody blames somebody else for why things are what they are. The buck stops here started and ended with Truman. Obama is the Teflon president. Nothing sticks to him. He’s had either no knowledge, or somebody else was responsible. Economy is worse than ever. You can’t print yourself out of debt, or tax yourself (us ). Unemployment is lower than ever. Because benefits ran out for them. This is not a rosy picture.

  8. Finkle drank the damn coolaide and ate the wrapper it came in. His stats are bogus and manipulated to look good. The employment stats do not account for the people who just quit looking for a job. Ignorance is bliss and the left are so living in bliss.

  9. This article is satirical. Barney Frank is no longer in Congress. Just because it’s on the Internet doesn’t mean it’s true.

    1. LOL….. It doesn’t look like he has taken over the country in the 7 years he has been president. If that was his plan, he would have done it by now!! Maybe he is going to wait until the last minute. lol

  10. Imagine someone actually saying that the current president has fought for equal pay for women. Even though, according to the White House financial statements, the women of his staff have received approximately $0.82 per $1.00 as men. Now can you explain how he has made it better for women? Also with o(BUM)a care, yes I can agree that something needed to be done to correct some issues with our healthcare system, but not a complete new system, where he decided who had to pay the fine or tax whichever you prefer to call it. Also, if it is so great, then why did the very members of congress who passed this enormous fine, create another amendment exempting themselves. Yes, they say, (well we already have health insurance through the government so we are exempt, because if you have health insurance and you like your insurance, then you keep your insurance). Remember that load of bull that he lied to us about. He knew when the bill was written that people couldn’t keep their insurance, so therefore he lied to the American people. That HAS been proven. I’m not saying he is the only one, because the Repubs also signed the amendment to keep off o(BUM)a care.

  11. Technically, if he reveals himself to really be foreign born, then he could claim the 22nd amendment doesn’t apply to him.

  12. I wish this were true, we need to progress into the future not digress back to failed policies, trickle down economics and such.

  13. I would love to see the sources on this… not even the extreme right wing foxnews is reporting on this. If this were real, foxnews would have a field day with it! And the left wing news outlets would be in high praise. This article just screams bogus.

  14. This man is a complete and utter failure. He has destroyed this country on many levels not the least of which is setting back race relations 50 years. His job is to ensure the safety and security of this nation. Over the years Presidents have gotten involved in what should have been the State governments responsibility of caring for those people in their states along with the assistance of the local city governments. The Federal government has over stepped is bounds and authority more and more. We the people are to be in control, not the politicians in the public office. We are their bosses. Its about time we take that authority back that we so sheepishly gave up.

  15. Damnit people leave grammar at school and comment on what the topic is. At least (lay) actually commented on the topic. The rest of yall are jumping up each others asses.

  16. I think we need a godly president someone that will serve God in office not take his word and turn it around

  17. At what point then does that become a Monarchy and no longer a Democracy? Yes we still have Congress but President Obama has pretty much gotten his way not matter what by getting around issues.

  18. Grammer Queen is an idiot first of all. This fight isn’t over grammer in the first place. This fight is over a man that thinks you owe him for something that he hasn’t do . all Obama administration has done is start a racial war , commented so many acts of treason against the American people. Building construction camps all over the USA for whom .really get your head TOGETHER becouse fighting about grammer isn’t going to do you any good behind those bars. We need to get his ass out of the rich and the poor’s office of President of USA before we all are doomed

  19. Now that’s arrogance!! Does he really think he’s that good??? News flash… YOU’ RE NOT!!! As far as I’m concerned a dog could do a better job! The constitution has been in place for 200 years and he comes along and starts changing everything to suit his views!! Trumps got my vote, mr. president!

  20. This story is complete bullshit, how about you all using some common sense instead of correcting each other on your use of grammar

  21. Since the term limit was set by constitutional amendment, it can only be repealed by 3/4 of the state legislatures or body convened specifically for this purpose.

  22. You are not qualified Mr Obama you have done nothing but bring on Gods judgement on America.Micky mouse could do a better job you are a disgrace to the office

  23. Nope.Obama did nothing for this country but make it worse. He destroyed NASA, which now has no funding, he tampered with the votes in the election and he sparked massive racism accross America. I lost all of my black friends because of Obama. Now African Americans are giving whites dirty looks and are racist toward us because of him. All of that started in 2008 when he was first elected. GET OUT OBAMA! WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF YOU

  24. I would like to see the publishers name and the sources they got there information from otherwise this story is just someone pissing in the wind

  25. Mr. Obama? The author of this article is either really disrespectful or just plain ol stupid. As for the extra term, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. The Republican candidates are ridiculous and can’t be taken seriously. They’ll never see the white house again. Unless they cheat… which means they’ll probably make it back eventually.

  26. Really people? People are fighting over everything and you people are seriously sitting here bickering back and forth about grammar and punctuation. So this is what this once great state turned in to a bunch of rapid people sitting there thinking they are better than everyone else.

  27. First off, anyone getting updet about spelling and grammar needs to get a maturity check done and go back to the 6th grade. Second, Obama has done nothing for the country other than make it bow to the individual. Thirdly, the country itself has shown how ignorant and dumb it has become simply by not getting angry and signing a petition to remove the tyrant from power. The repeal of the 22nd amendment is effectivly allowing the country to fall into a dictatorship. This is wrong.

  28. well im putting in my two cents along with a lot of bad grammar ha-ha which i don’t know why when we could be telling the higher up about our opinion and stopping this ourselves thats why things like this happen because we let other voice there opinion for us i don’t blame the everyone including myself because i tried getting involved but have failed we need to stand up together and fight this petition

  29. obama i knew first time you re not a black or white man, you’re a full blooded muslim and not an american, you’re out to bring america to their knees, you prey on the weak, letting the enemy come across the border that you let open where your army can get set up and take America out. My bible says your family is on the way to hell. One last question, you said in a speech “my gay brother and sisters” are you one?? We’ll pray for you..

  30. He even tries this the American People will up rise against him Congress had better do something or they all can look for another job along with Hussain Obama!!!!!


  32. WOW my how easy people get distracted this article was about how this POS Obama is trying to Circumvent The 22nd amendment Of our Constitution. Not grammar nor spelling. Oh Brite shiny object laffing.

  33. People, please get back on topic here. The President is trying to abandon the Constitution completely and you idiots are worried about spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Well, guess what, a lot of people don’t really care. Just worry about getting this dipstick out of the white house before we all become muslim and live under Dictator Ohbama.

    1. “White House” and “Muslim” should be capitalized. Mikey, look at the headlines of stories at the bottom of this page, have a martini and try to have a good day.

    2. Oh Mikey! You right-wingers are so damned easy to punk!
      If you’d looked around a bit on this website you’d find articles about the Vatican conducting a successful nuclear test and ISIS Launches Change.org Petition to Replace ‘Behead’ With ‘Dehead’

      But you’re excused. After all, when you aren’t used to actually looking up the sources of your news and rely solely upon what you see, read, and hear - typically on Fox “News”. you’ll just believe any goddamn thing on the internet that happens to conform with your own opinion.

      Just remember what Abraham Lincoln said:

      “Don’t believe everything you see on the internet.”

      1. I’m conservative, and I figured it out, as my comment below shows. I like Fox News, and I do research on articles. I will now refrain from making sweeping statements about liberals, though I can’t help thinking you probably watch MSNBC and frequent salon.com. Possibly? lol

  34. Hey, look at that… A sensationalist article with absolutely no credible sources. Why does anybody believe this shit?

  35. Good lord folks. It’s a spoof story. Have you read the articles here? Like the one where China bought Greece, or how Obama sent Navy Seals into North Korea to take over the government? This is a spoof site guys.

      1. You mean just like the republicans are doing NOW ……tell the speaker of the house and his party to pass a bill they control the entire congress

  36. This is a joke, people! Barney Frank??? That evil SOB has been out of office for two years. These “spoof” stories always contain a giveaway.

    1. Not at all. Ignores what is needed to change the Constitution. Any modification or changes require a 100% state ratification. It is the only way, the supreme court CANNOT modify or change it. In fact, they need to make decisions based on the full Constitutional

  37. I think this is a fake news site, similar to the Onion. Click on “About” and read about the supposed man behind the site. It lists him as “specializing” in more than 20 things (seems intended to be funny), and it says he is a former recipient of “the prestigious Stephen Glass Distinction in Journalistic Integrity.” There would be no such award, for Stephen Glass was a journalist for The New Republic who was disgraced and drummed out of the business when it was discovered that he had made up a lot of his stories. (There’s a very good film about him, by the way, called “Shattered Glass.”). So I would take this story (and probably all stories on this site) as being reported with tongue planted firmly in cheek.

  38. I don’t believe a word of this. He isn’t that stupid. He’s played chicken successfully and this gives congress a mental illness removal capability. WAY too easy. The story is bogus.

  39. Oh he’ll no! We are definitely doomed as a nation and he should not be able to do this without a vote . He needs to leave our country and find his own little kingdom. God save us

  40. Of course this is a joke. In my opinion, this site is probably funded by George Soros to stir up animosity towards Bummer, so Bummer can get the civil war he has long desired. Then he can call for his martial law. Laugh it off, folks. See it for what it is. I have no doubt he wants a third term, will call martial law to get it, but he needs a reason. Don’t give him one! He has been trying to stir up racial tensions for years for a civil war. Now he’s poking the Russian bear trying to get us in a war with them. The war with Syria didn’t work because enough people knew Assad did not gas his own people. It was the rebels-a garden variety-not a military grade weapon. Assad protects the Christians, Jews & Syrian people who all lived peacefully under his leadership until Bummer sent the FSA to start their civil war in Syria. Assad would be our best ally in the mid-east since they have been fighting ISIS long before we have. Bummer will stop at nothing to be the U.S. permanent dictator. Of course this is only my opinion, but I stand by it.

  41. A spoof article or not I have a sick feeling that all of this will actually happen. I sincerely want to see a new President take office but my intuition tells me that won’t happen. Due to all of the secretive and manipulative “goings on” of our government I fear that martial law is just a matter of time and then we will be stuck with Obama once again. It has been predicted that we will soon become a Muslim nation. I pray that this will not happen but my gut tells me otherwise. People, please pray that Obama will leave office, as he rightfully should.

  42. Come on people, how much more can we take. Congress do your job, remember you work for the people!!!!!!!Get rid of the sob before we become a muslim nation, do you want that. Congress are you afraid of riots, well for one my guns a loaded and ready for me to protect my family. we the people have got to do something, Our elected leaders are to afraid to make any decision. Don’t
    your realize we got your backs, I know you are unfamiliar with that statement but we are ready.
    Impeach that bastard now before it’s to late. For christ sake do your job!!!!

    1. Yes! I want the us to be muslim! I also want it to be Pagan, jewish, hindu, taoist, agnostic and atheist. Its the x-ians that are screwing everything!

      1. Well Archeologist’s have found SOLID Evidence that Muhammad was not who he said he was. A copy of a Koran that pre-dates the historical record of Islam has been found. It contains information that proves he WAS not a Prophet and he did NOT receive the Koran in a “Revelation”. It is written in a Arabic form of script that was not in use at the time of Muhammad and Abu. It is assumed that Muhammad copied parts of the book and made his changes to his own liking. There is NO mention of the Prophet Muhammad in the text at all. It has been carbon dated some time around 3,400 odd years before Mohammad lived (640-670 AD). It is believed to have been written by Arabs who worshipped the goddess Al-let, goddess of war & sex long before Islam was born. It is a copy of Surah Chapter 18 of the Koran and is just as violent as that chapter in the current copies except the Prophet was not even mentioned in the texts. There is SOLID evidence Muhammad was not the Prophet who he said he was and that he just copied the book and made his own changes to it. If this is true, and I believe it is, this finding changes the whole core of Islam. The copy of this book was found buried in some ruins near Bagdad, Iraq and more testing and research is still currently being done on that copy of the Koran. The current leaders of Islam in Mecca have not revealed that this book does exist because they fear that it will shatter the current form of Islam today. This book is currently in the archives of a Museum in Birmingham, England in a controlled temperature environment in a very well guarded area of the Museum and is being guarded by the Iraqi Guards. It has been there over 10 years and was just recently tested.

      2. That is not unlike all the organized religions in the U.S. From Mormons (where it’s been proven, through DNA testing, that Joseph Smith didn’t have a revelation from the angel Moroni.) He made up everything, to Catholics who completely changed the Bible to suit their needs. All religions in the world are made up by men who are desperate for power. You will notice that they all treat women like second class citizens. Organized religions are the
        evil of the entire world.

  43. You had to see this coming…….although it would have to be ratified by 2/3 of the states….the marxist dictator in chief will try to get around it…you can’t possiobly get the states to ratify it, so he’s trying the supreme court…the supreme court cannot amend the constitution!!

    1. A change to the 22nd or any other Amendment requires ALL states to approve. 22nd was ratified by all 48 states (that is all there was at that time) in 1951. As a FYI here is the first paragraph, It has nothing to do with marxist dictator. As you rightly state, not even the supreme court can
      void or change an Amendment.

      22nd Amendment to U.S. Constitution adopted Feb 27 1951 prohibits it.

      Section 1. No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice, and no person who has held the office of President, or acted as President, for more than two years of a term to which some other person was elected President shall be elected to the office of the President more than once.

  44. Yay. I was beginning to think the apocalypse wasnt gunna happen. Whos up for burgers and brats while the nation burns like a joint

  45. you scoffers will all think it’s a joke… until Barack Osama initiates a national “State of Emergency” - a bill he has already passed - which will put ALL elections of ALL government offices to a halt just before the primaries next year.

  46. There is no executive order to repeal the 22nd amendment this is a dangerously misleading article designed to rouse the rabble and most of you are dumb enough to swallow it. Just because it’s on the internet it’s not necessarily true. Elvis is still dead, the moon landings were genuine and JFK was shot by Lee Harvey Oswald. Stop being suckers and fact check everything that these ultra right wing propaganda merchants are peddling or just continue to be mugs

  47. You people don’t get it jade helm 15 is the first step of Obama’s next term and he will do it by force he does not care about the constitution.And the Republicans don’t care,civil unrest is on the way.

  48. You’re kidding me Obama running again hell no Get him out of office don’t stand with him I can’t believe this just when we have someone that will do what the people wont he pulls this shit I do not like you Obama. Your low, your the best that Islam money can buy now America is dip shit. now what are we going to do ? God please help us….

  49. Would someone please tell me what he is doing or has done to fix ANY of the problems he stated?? NO he has made everything worse causing racism in this country again also to the point of causing people to shoot police officers and ISIS nothing. He is too bizy taking vacations and improving his golf game to fix ANYTHING!!!!!


  51. dear realnewsrightnow, you seem to have a serious problem in comprehending what the world “real” means, lol. yo stop frontin’, you fraudulent schwags 🙂

  52. So, here we discover how idiotic many of you folks actually are. While certainly not funny, this piece is satire. You can’t “set aside” a constitutional amendment without another such amendment superceding it, which requires approval of both houses of Congress, and ratification by 2/3 of the states. Any of you who actually believe the nonsense above are A) so blinded by hate that you can’t see straight, B) so stupid that you can’t think straight, or C) both of the above.

  53. HAHAHA … I can’t believe all the idiots sharing this on Facebook as if it’s real news. It’s a spoof you morons. No wonder America is in such a mess when the majority of the population are so stupid.

  54. I want to share my stories with your reader. I am a stroke survivor:

    I am author, The Power of I Believe, A book of motivation, encouragement and inspirational thoughts after a stroke, a Christian-themed book written to help stroke survivors and others touched by a disability regain their faith and strength as they recover and move forward with their lives. Although I wrote this book with stroke survivors in mind, the feedback I have received through my blog and Facebook page has shown me that The Power of I Believe is a source of inspiration for anyone who needs it.

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    While most books for stroke survivors focus on specific exercises and tasks that will help a survivor to recover and regain functioning, The Power of I Believe is focused on instilling the strength and faith necessary during the recovery process.

  55. To the morons that don’t know this is satire sight. Can you answer me a question
    If your driving you car 60 miles and your speed is 60mph. How long will your trip take to arrive at your destination??

  56. Funny. I guess he signed another exec. order stating he wouldn’t have to run in an election either. Just start right into his third term.
    I think he’s tired of being president, seems like he doesn’t really give ashit anymore.


  58. This is a bunch of shit. The sob did a bull shit job the 2 terms he has been in there. He needs stopped. It’s all about power and control for him. He wants complete control over the country and it’s people turning it into another communist country.

  59. This is Nothing but Plain Treason, theisMan thinks the American people are all Dummies, well Congress you had better put a stop to this , you and the Supreem court

  60. -LOL- You KNOW this little piece of PURE Bull Shit really has the GULLIBLE Right Wingnuts going crazy! ROFLMAO ! It’s funny how some “conservatives” believe everything they read online ! (As long as it is anti Obama that is) They are so STUPID!

  61. R. Hobbus J.D. is an internationally acclaimed independent investigative journalist specializing in international politics, health, business, science, conflict resolution, history, geography, mathematics, social issues, feminism, space travel, civil rights, human rights, animal rights, fashion, film, astronomy, classic literature, religion, biology, paranormal activity, the occult, physics, psychology, and creative writing. He has appeared in countless publications including Time Magazine, Newsweek, Playboy, The Economist, The New York Times, Mad Magazine, Hustler, Guns & Ammo, People, Maxim Magazine, Highlights, The 9/11 Commission Report, The New Yorker, Bon Appetite, Rolling Stone, Car & Driver, Soldier of Fortune, Elle, Nintendo Power, National Geographic, and many more. He has received numerous awards for his work including the prestigious Stephen Glass Distinction in Journalistic Integrity (2011), The Oscar Mayer Award for Journalistic Excellence (2003), three Nobel Peace Prize nominations, one Pulitzer in Investigative Reporting (1998), and two Pulitzer Prizes in Commentary (1996, 2008). He resides comfortably in his modest home overlooking the coast of Nantucket surrounded by his wife and twelve cats.

    In addition to the fact that an “R. Hobbus J.D.” has never been nominated, awarded, or considered for any of the aforementioned awards, the above-quoted section contains several clues about the true intent of Real News Right Now. For instance, while the Stephen Glass Distinction in Journalistic Integrity may sound like a real award, author Stephen Glass is famous for making up a number of his news articles.

  62. we will go in and physically remove his sorry ass form office…..we have plenty of people to do that…..this fag fucker had better not try it….

  63. This story is total bullshit…please use your common sense when reading stories. The president has no authority to change the amendment lol good grief some people will believe anything written.

  64. Your kidding…RIGHT! Please tell me the American people won’t stand for this and will come together as a nation and “finally” put a stop to this insane “Muslim”! Can’t the Americans see he wants to be a ruler. He thinks there’s no one able to run this country but him and he’s the reason this country is in the shape it’s in! I said 6 months after his first term that he was “put” in office to bring this country to it’s knees and he’s done a fine job. He wasn’t elected he was put in that position. People you better wake up before it’s to late! He has this country divided, blacks against whites, people against cops, kids eating junk for lunch, but the most disturbing he bows to foreign kings, and the worst is he protects Isis!!!!

  65. The only people stupid enough to go along with this crazy idea are the ones on welfare or getting a disability check they don’t deserve!!!!!!!!!

  66. I don’t know if 90% of REAL US citizens can deal with this extended second term, The Hell with a third. Some one needs to take this CRAZY BASTARDS pen away.

  67. Great website here. Articles are hilarious but the comments are where the real humor lies. There are certainly some gullible folks out there. I’m thinking of an article idea right now : ” Obaba signs executive order limiting internet access to those with IQ’s over 70″

  68. Really? Give me a soundbite….Don’t believe anything you hear or read and only half of what you see. Social media is losing credibility just like the mainstream. It’s all about ratings (clicks) and money. It’s all B.S. I’m sick of it all.

  69. Yet another “Presidential Power” he does not have; I have been saying for years the Mao would try something like this and that when the time came to step aside he would piss and moan, stamp his feet and throw a temper tantrum like a 5 year old wanting desert before dinner while trying to declare himself President For Life!

    More proof he is mentally unstable and incapable of holding his office. This man has destroyed this nation, and has weakened us before the eyes of the world.

    By his own admission; in televised news interviews he is a Muslim, by the writings in his own book he is not an American and even his own wife has made a public speech in which she slips and confirms that the Mao was indeed born in Kenya.

    He was never qualified as a presidential candidate; and obtained the office under fraud, theft and deceit. He has ignored his oath of office nd to the Constitution time and time again carrying out one tyrannical act after another.

    HE belongs in a prison cell; not in my white house!

  70. I think that would be the biggest mistake, people can’t wait to get Obama out of office, he’ll run our country totally into the ground.
    What a shame. What can the Republican Party do to stop this foolish idea????

  71. For the first time a blackman is president of usa a lot of things has gone upside dont, is a big shame to africa

  72. This man only wants to stay President to tear down and destroy what our fore fathers fought for and to undermines rights we might have left.he needs to go! He is a hazard to this country.I vote to impeach Obama.any way any form we can.he is Trouble.

  73. Am I in the twilight zone here? A sitting President is telling us that he is TAKING a third term and putting the National Guard on alert in case the citizenry opposes such a move, and all you can do is argue over grammar. We are talking totalitarian govt. in the U.S. What’s wrong with you people?

  74. This is total bullshit tyranny he is writing his own ticket to carry on with a third term…..in a fair election this asshole wouldn’t have a chance he is just to arrogant to realize it…..this is treason on our bill of rights and constitution. ..impeach this fraud now……

  75. that’s bullshit. he can’t do that and get away with it. this ad is total bullshit ! laughing my mother fucking ass off

  76. Obama never ever intended to leave office unless he could be sure the person who replaced him would carry on with the same Islamisation of the nation and his efforts to push the nation into anarchy to allow him to use martial law to push the country closer to a one world government. He knows that if Trump gets in there is a very good chance both Hillary Clinto and he will be looking at jail time.

  77. Then if this was to be true and if it did happen then we will be looking at a world war 3… Well for a part we are already in it

  78. He needs another term because any of the nominees are not fit to be a president and they are not fit to run the world who wants to put Donald Trump in charge of the red but you got to be crazy ..!!

  79. None of the nominees are fit to be president who in their right mind would put Donald trump in charge of the red button u would have to b crazy..none of them are fit to run the world..!

  80. This is total bullshit and you should be ashamed of yourselves for publishing it. You are worse than the supermarket tabloids.

  81. Why are so many Hitler family members running for president? Why is Hitlers grandson in the white house right now? Why have communist taken over America? learn the truth at; the one stop shop for the truth.

  82. O is a liar. Many believe he had the 20 special ops killed because they knew too much. Was Bin Laden really killed? He abuses his power! Government has taken over the Internet, school corricula, pushing Islam and going after Christians. Making up his own laws and not obeying ones he doesn’t like. His regime is bigoted, lawless and spend our money like water. The have treated our nation’s friends like enemies and trusted our enemies. Under his watch he has allowed Hillary to sell our uranium to Russia and is helping Reid to take over our public lands for a lucrative deal with China. He has almost destroyed our military and caused many deaths and injuries due to his ridiculous ROE. He is a fraud and in 8 years has set back race relations 50 years. God help us (if he stays in office)to defend our country.

  83. Mr. President, it’s up to the American People to decide who will be the next President of the United States. It is NOT just YOUR decision that counts!

  84. Wow! I am all for this seeing as that we would indefinitely be in a critical land slide if either of the two candidates are elected as president of our country. Mr. President Barack Obama has done an incredible job and I personally could never see another president taking care and actions as he has done throughout his two consecutive terms. PLEASE LET THIS GO THROUGH!!!

  85. In this case, as a Republican I believe that President Obama should serve another term. Withough a doubt, it is the correct decision for the country. I only request that the president approach gun laws using common sense and take the guns out of criminal hands. A good start is the gangs in Chicago. Then go from there.

  86. Oh, how I wish this would happen. And make the presidential terms for 5 years instead of 4, short terms such as 4 years hardly leaves time to govern since the next cycle of political propaganda and fights are always just around the corner. Get rid of gerrymandering too.

  87. President Obama should stay in office. He is an excellant president and a great leader. The two candidates who are running for office are not qualified to run this country. Both are riddled with scandal & deceit. President Obama needs to take the bull by the horns and suspend the 22nd amendment and stay in office 4 more years. This will allow the democrats & republicans the time needed to find candidates who they can can be proud of as possible leaders for this country.

  88. Obama is a fucking communist piece of shit sent here by terrorists to bring the U.S. to its knees and devastate its exonomy to a third world country. Fuck Obama! He’s a puppet bitch!

    1. I don’t know who it was that left the comment that president Obama is a communist. I think that person should have their head examined & sign up for a home labotomy kit. Find a mirror, & go through their ears. It’ll obviously be a simple operation. You can’t cut out what you ain’t got. If you don’t like our president. Then move your ass to another country. The only communist piece of shit, Is YOU!! Ya Moron

    1. I don’t know the number of the executive order. But I wish he would declare another executive order immediately to stop this goofy election. President Obama may not be perfect. But he’s a damn good president. The republicans & democrats need to dump their candidates, keep our president in there another two years & find new candidates that arent so scandalous. Both are fine people. But neither is qualified to run the country. The only thing both are good at is slinging bullshit. They should be selling used cars. They’d make a fortune. The reality is, of the two, Hillary is more qualified & she has Bill in her corner. He was a good president. A little hanky panky doesn’t make him a bad guy. Just human. President Obama has done a good as president. People need to look at the whole picture & then they’d see I may just be on the right track

  89. So he feels obligated to stay in office because he is more capable of running the country. What a crock, he is the very one who has screwed up the country. Thats why he has put the National Guard on alert because he knows if this happens, so will a civil war. What makes him think the Guard will follow his orders, they think he is a joke just like all the countries in the world. Four more or even 8 more years with Obama will completely finish America off and thats what he wants. Nostradamus has said he will be the last president of the USA, but I didnt believe him but now, it could very well be.

    1. Thats totally crazy obama had no experience as president nor clinton when thy first was elected …this is mean …allow mr trump to show ppl what are u all afraid of i am not ..he can get impeached..allow him to show first

  90. How did all this work out for y’all?

    You folks do know that the president cannot “direct” the SCOTUS to do a damn thing, right? If he sent such an executive order to the bench they would most likely frame it so they would have something to laugh at.

    The president can only enact an executive order over something that he has the direct authority over. While he can write executive orders granting himself powers to better enforce the constitution, he cannot write one to contradict or change it. Only Congress can do that.

    Whoever wrote this is either stupid or this is satire.

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